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C 4620 Project 1 Notes

Command producer for Cop 4620 prj 1 mkdir t cd t cp ../ot shar makefile p1 *src text > ot sh ot make ./p1 dat cd .. turnin ot ree4620_1 turnin -d ree4620_1 turnin -c ree4620_1

Make file

Make File Structure Subsitute tab-> with a tab character target = your class/compiled files dependency = classes that will trigger a remake target: dependency tab->resolve the target from dependency Example for Java Make file contents prj1.class: prj1.java sub1.java sub2.java tab->javac *.java Meaning The

Cloudlab Instructions

Getting the VPN client Click Here and log in with School info. Then it will ask you to download and install it. Using the Client Run the Cisco Any connect. Click setting and uncheck the Block connections to untrusted server. The url you type cloudlab.unf.edu. Click connect. It

How to run C program for COP2220

What you need Ssh client (Click here to see how to get on for your system) Text Editor (I recommend Atom or Visual Studio Code) Writing your program Use any text editor and write it. Running your program Connect to server using your ssh client of choice. If you help

Free Student Resources

Links Here are some sites that give you free stuff. 1. Pluralsight(Get a 90 Day trial through Dreamspark) 2. Dreamspark 3. GitHub Student Pack What Is Pluralsight is a service with website and app that offers ton of training videos and courses for programming, IT, and certification preparation. Dreamspark

Grabbing Your Ubuntu System Information

For CNT 4504 CRN: 81028 Purpose To help current networking students get information necessary for the final project paper. Need To Know CPU,RAM,and Network interface,and OS version This command below will take all the info printed from lshw and stash it into the info.txt file. Round