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Grabbing Your Ubuntu System Information

For CNT 4504 CRN: 81028


To help current networking students get information necessary for the final project paper.

Need To Know

CPU,RAM,and Network interface,and OS version

This command below will take all the info printed from lshw and stash it into the info.txt file. Round the memory to the nearest half gigabit, since some memory is always lost to firmware. For my two servers it was 4gb.

lshw > info.txt  

You can get the info individually with the following commands. The class flag limits the print out to what you list

lshw -class network  
lshw -class cpu  
lshw -class memory  

OR all at once via this command. c = class

lshw -c network -c cpu -c memory  

Inside here you can find out your CPU, RAM, Storage, and Network interface.
However; some data require super user privilege(HDD/SDD info). For this information we have probe around for the storage info. The command I ran to find that data is below. It returns the model number/string.

cat /sys/class/block/sda/device/model  

The last piece you for the paper is the operating system info command.
Operating System Command

cat /proc/version  

Optional/Extra Tid bits

What is proc?

The proc folder is a file system that holds the running processes and system specific info in most major Unix based systems. Learn more here

How do I access it?

You can see what is in the folder by

ls /proc/