This site is the Official UNF IEEE website.

Free Student Resources


Here are some sites that give you free stuff.
1. Pluralsight(Get a 90 Day trial through Dreamspark)
2. Dreamspark
3. GitHub Student Pack

What Is

  • Pluralsight is a service with website and app that offers ton of training videos and courses for programming, IT, and certification preparation.
  • Dreamspark is a Microsoft website with a tons of professional software and resources free to students.
  • GitHub Student Pack is more for the more seasoned programming students who are getting ready to acquire internship. It gives you credits to some cloud services and free software. Matter of fact this website uses the 50$ credits for Digitalocean to be hosted for the next 10 months.

Resource Leverage Tips


Look at Pluralsight when you have a break. Make a project out of the skills you want to acquire and use the site as a primer for those skills. Or follow a path and build the examples while watching.

Display your work. You can use GitHub to show tough past projects you worked on. Or start a blog on topics you explore. Make something you can show with ease to others. I do the blog, clubs,and tutoring as my display. Steal my method, if it will help you.

Help your classmates. Do NOT share code and assignments it will land you without a degree! When I mean help I mean try to explain concepts to each other. If you had me tutor, you know what I mean.

Join/Start a club. Do something that interests you and never give up on it. For me this is robotics and software engineering. Below are some computing specific clubs you can get involved with. Both clubs have competitions for students, I recommend going to one if you are a Computer Science or programming loving student.

Junior and Seniors

Mentor Freshmen or Sophomores. This will help you get your fundamentals rooted, since you will be forced to consolidate and refresh what you learned. Doing this right now and it helps a lot to fill in any holes in understanding.

Read Code Complete This book gives some very helpful tips to writing easy to read and simple but effective code. I am only a third way through this book and it is helping me writing better code. Even for programming haters this book will help you hate coding less since you will have some best practices. These practices will make the code more manageable, if you use them.