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Getting and using a SSH client for Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu

Getting a SSH client


The school recommends installing this client.
I'm not going to overview that one since I don't use it. Also the school has documentation [here].(https://www.unf.edu/uploadedFiles/ssh_telnet.pdf).
I use Mobaxterm and will be showing how to connect here.


If using a Mac or Linux system you can use the terminal. There are some GUI clients but I don't use them.

Here is better free terminal solution for Mac: iterm2. (Optional)

I use Terminator on Ubuntu Linux. Here is the command to install it. (Optional)

sudo apt-get install terminator  

Using a SSH Client

You need the following:
1. hostname (which is osprey.unf.edu for school)
2. username (which is your n# for school)
3. password (which is your mywings password for school)

Connecting using Mobaxterm

I opted out of the video due to the time constraints but here is a picture guide.
1. Start MobaXterm than click session. sessionConnect
2. Select SSH image
3. Fill in the hostname with your sever's name. For UNF classes it is (osprey.unf.edu) (blue box in image below)
4. check specify user name and enter your username. For UNF classes it is your n#. (green box in image below)
5. Click ok. (red box in image below) fillDeats
6. Now the session will start and the server will ask you for your password. Enter your password.For UNF Classes it is your pass for logging into mywings, blackboard, etc (You can change it if you want to just google how to). password
7. Now moba will ask if you want to save the password say yes This step is optional. If you want to type your password every time say no. save
8. Your done and the next time you want to connect you can double click on the your saved session in the saved session area.

Connecting and file transfer with a Terminal (Mac and Linux)

Run your Terminal by searching for it on your system.
Run this command after you substitute username and host name with yours.

ssh username@hostname  

For UNF Students. Substitute n* with your n#.

ssh n*@osprey.unf.edu  

Run this command to transfer files from your computer.
Substitute filename, username, and hostname with your details.

scp filename username@hostname:/